Case Studies

Representative Case Histories

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Beginning in 2004, REEG LAWYERS defended the leading manufacturer of the widely used corn and sorghum herbicide Atrazine in a series of class action lawsuits in the state and federal courts of Illinois, including the lead case filed in Madison County, Illinois. The Firm also represented a follow-on, generic manufacturer of Atrazine in a companion lawsuit. The cases were resolved before trial.

One of our employer clients was undergoing a union strike. During the strike, one of the picketers trespassed onto the property and threatened a working supervisor with a knife after slashing several tires on the cars of replacement workers. Our lawyers went to court, secured an injunction which limited the number of picketers allowed, restricted the area where the strikers could picket, had the offending employee arrested right off the picket line in full sight of his co-workers, and brought criminal charges against that employee. The strike ended shortly thereafter.

Kurtis Reeg acted as National Coordinating Counsel for a major property and casualty insurance carrier regarding its complex and long-tail exposure claims for over 15 years. After one of the country’s largest and longest (18 years) coverage cases in the federal courts in New York City, two trials and a successful appeal to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, the courts found no coverage under our client’s various alleged and missing policies, and our client prevailed.

Kurtis Reeg was on the team that represented the manufacturer of a dump truck bed which allegedly failed, causing the Plaintiff to be buried waist-deep in 325 degree asphalt for more than 20 minutes while his co-workers dug him out. After the plaintiff settled for millions of dollars with all the other defendants, our client went to trial for two weeks and was exonerated with a defense verdict. The case was widely reported and was elected that year as one of the top ten defense verdicts in the U.S. by the National Law Journal.

REEG LAWYERS has represented a major, national provider of chicken food products and handled several cases for this client, one of which claimed that a foreign object in one of its chicken strips caused the Plaintiff to break several teeth when he bit into it. Our lawyer advised the client to offer zero dollars to settle the case, and asserted a no-pay defense in the case, leading to the ultimate dismissal of the case without the payment of any money by the client.

We successfully defended a major demolition contractor in a mass toxic tort case in Texas involving 24 plaintiffs, including several children, who claimed exposure to asbestos, lead, mercury and PCB exposure during the demolition of an old power plant. Through a marathon mediation that lasted 19 hours, our client’s insurer agreed to pay a group settlement, thereby securing a dismissal of our client, who ended up paying no money toward that settlement.